Let’s Talk Bookish: Is 3 stars a good rating?

Hello everyone!

Let’s Talk Bookish a weekly book discussion meme hosted by Rukki @Eternity Books and Dani @Literary Lion. Check out this link for September 2020 Topics.

Today’s topic is “Is 3 stars a good rating?”.

I got really interested in this topic because I always wonder about the same thing when scrolling down at Goodreads. I acknowledge that the star ratings are different for everyone. Each of us have different criteria so it’s really hard to know whether that book is really good or really bad just basing on the star ratings.

For me, personally, 3 stars is neither good or bad but the borderline of both. Here’s my personal criteria:

  • 1 star – poor
  • 2 stars – still poor but have some redeeming parts
  • 3 stars – neither good nor bad
  • 4 stars- good
  • 5 stars- very good, would really recommend to everyone, this book has changed me!

What do I look for when I’m reviewing:

  • Plot – I am just looking for a plot that is well-thought of. I want the events of the book to make sense instead of events appearing to be after-thoughts. It’s also a plus if the plot has something original or something different instead of everything being stereotypical.
  • Characters- I like characters who have more depth or is not one-dimensional. I would also love characters who are relatable.
  • World-building – An author is really good when you feel like you are inside the book with the characters with the way they paint the picture. It’s really nice to see a whole new world created by the author.
  • Writing style and pacing – I don’t mind slow-paced book as long as it’s not too boring. I’m certain that I like the book when I read chapter after chapter after chapter without even noticing.

Here are some of my recent 3 star reads:

  • Again Again by E. Lockhart – I like how this book acknowledged the common flaws in young adult books. The book is unapologetic in that way. I, however, didn’t appreciate the scenes being written again again with minor changes. I didn’t see the point, there’s not much impact to me, unfortunately.
  • One of Us is Next (One of Us is Lying #2) by Karen McManus – This book can be kind of interesting but nothing compared to the first book. The plot and characters just aren’t solid enough. The book isn’t bad though, it just happened to be a sequel.
  • Mayhem by Estelle Laure – The plot is really interesting and the vibe is mysterious but there’s not much connection there with the characters so kind of a disappointment.

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