How to Stay Productive When Working at Home?

The world right now isn’t the same and we are transitioning to the “new normal” amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. To prevent the transmission of the virus, individuals and industries had to adjust and that includes some businesses opting to allow employees to work at home.

For some, the transition from the office to working at home is a very big change. Some has easily adapted and embraced the idea. However, there are people that are having difficulty with the new set-up. With the distractions at home so tempting, a lot of people have not been productive. Their television sets and phones are just in front of them and being in the safety in their own homes, there’s no one stopping them from procrastinating and putting off work for later.

In this post, I will list down ways how you can still be productive while working at home.

The Pros of Working at Home

Working at home has its advantages. First and foremost, it reduces possible exposure to the virus which is the most important thing right now. Aside from that, working at home also allows you more freedom. Working hours and conditions are more flexible more than ever. It also gives much more privacy than the usual office settings.

The Cons of Working at Home

In the work-at-home set-up, your greatest enemy would be your own self-indulgence. Temptations are around you. You can use your phone whenever you like, there’s a television set in front of you, you can get a snack and there’s couches and beds to nap on. There’s a big chance of procrastination and it’s very hard to fight.

How to stay productive when working at home?

1. Establish a routine.

You may have more freedom in what time you are going to start working on your tasks but it’s important to still have routine. I’m 100% at home right now but I still set a specific time for work. I have also kept my morning routine intact since I set my work time at 9am. That means I actually prepare for my work time the way I did before and that includes showering and breakfast before work. This conditions my body to be more productive. When it’s work time, it’s work time. This mind set actually helps a lot.

2. Set up a work space.

It is also important to compartmentalize your space. Have a work space that will solely be a place for work. And that means no eating in your desk or watching movies on it. Your work space also needs a steady supply of things you might need like pens and paper. This work space will now be your mini-office. It doesn’t matter how large or where this work space is as long as it’s used exclusively for work time.

3. Identify your distractions and add barriers.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

When you’re working and you get the urge to check your Facebook newsfeed, acknowledge that it distracts you from accomplishing your tasks so you should add some barriers against those distractions. You can install website blockers in your laptops or PCs. It would also help if you put your phone inside a drawer far from your reach if it distracts you as well. You can listen to music only if you’re the kind of person who functions well with background music.

So… those are the tips on how to stay productive even when working at home. Are you currently working at home? How has the experience been for you so far? Chat with me through the comments below.

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