Different from What I Expected: The Little Prince Movie Review

*Do not read this post if you haven’t watched the movie yet*

The Little Prince is one of the best books of all time. It’s a novella for children yet somewhat it stood through the test of time. Readers of all ages has a special place in their hearts for The Little Prince. The story has also made an impact to me. That’s why I was skeptical in watching the film. Books are always better, right? But then, I finally changed my mind and decided to watch the film.

The movie has something new which is the story of a little girl. The aviator is now an old man who becomes this little girl’s neighbor. The little girl doesn’t really have much of a childhood since her mother is pressuring her to do nothing but study to get into a good academy so that she’ll become a great grown-up. An accident happens and the little girl met the aviator. He then gives her a copy of The Little Prince story, a story about the time he met a boy in the Sahara Desert.

The story of the little girl complemented well with the themes of the book such as how adults forget their childhood, friendship and letting go. Seeing this little girl discover fun and wonder was absolutely refreshing. I think kids nowadays grow up so fast and I think there’s something wrong with that. This movie shows how awesome being a child can be. I just hope that they learn from this movie.

I guess the only thing I didn’t like about this movie is that it should’ve ended sooner than it did. The Little Prince Movie tried to extend the story. In the book, the story ends as the The Little Prince is bitten by the rattlesnake. We are uncertain of his fate – whether or not only his body was left behind and his soul was able to come back to his asteroid. We are uncertain if he was able to come back to his role. And yet, we choose to believe that he did. I think that the book ending is enough and beautiful. But the movie has ruined that.

In the movie, the aviator was brought to the hospital. The little girl is worried that he would not make it. The little girl then tries to find The Little Prince for help. She finds The Little Prince all grown up and he has forgotten his childhood. This is the worst for me. I don’t even want to think about an adult Little Prince. He remembers everything in the end but the image of him an adult is already there. To add to that, the rose is gone and has wilted. It’s not the ending I ever expect for the little prince. The movie tries to twist it such that the “rose will always be with the little prince”. It’s a nice message for someone who is in grief but they could’ve done it in a better way than ruining the book’s ending.

Overall, the movie has a great message and was really enjoyable. I was delighted up to the point I’ve already mentioned but it’s still a decent movie.

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