What is Toxic Positivity and How Can We Avoid It?

What is Toxic Positivity?

Toxic positivity is something we see quite often nowadays. Have you scrolled down Instagram and saw nothing but smiling faces, workout routines and achievements unlocked? Have you seen the endless motivation posts in Facebook with words in the line of “good vibes only” or “everything will be okay in the end” in spite of a global crisis?

Toxic positivity is the culture nowadays where we only pay attention to the bright side of things and pretend that the bad side of things aren’t there. It’s a simple as pretending that your life is oh-so-great and with zero problems at all. It’s as simple as commenting “good vibes only” when a Facebook friend of yours was honest and ranted about something awful.

Wait… is positivity wrong?

Absolutely not! There’s nothing wrong with cheerfulness and encouraging words. The problem here is that we focus entirely on the positive and completely ignore the negative.

Why is toxic positivity wrong?

Toxic positivity is destructive because it actually sends the wrong message that positive is the only way to be. It sends the wrong message that negative emotions should be ignored. When you focus so intently on something, the rest of the view just gets blurred out. When you solely focus on positive feelings, the negative emotions are just not dealt with. It doesn’t disappear though. You just shelf it. Unfortunately for us, the negative emotions always resurfaces.

How do we avoid toxic positivity?

Overcoming this is hard since it’s all around is. It’s all over social media. We encounter it when we’re chatting with our friends. We do it to ourselves too.

All you need to do right now is accept that negative feelings are not always bad. The good and the bad emotions are part of something that is whole. You need to have a balance of both. And the next time you feel these negative emotions, don’t push it away. Embrace them and understand them. That’s the only way you’ll deal with it.

And the next time your friend is going through and she asks for your advice, dont’ say the words “It’ll be fine in the end,” or “Everything will be okay.”. Don’t try to obliterate her sadness or despair, get her to acknowledge them. Try to say “I know this sucks but I am here to listen to you and help you until we get through it”. Let her cry and let her deal with her pain.

Chat With Me

Have you noticed toxic positivity around you? What are your thoughts about it? Chat with me through the comments below!

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