How to Achieve Your Goals by Setting it SMART

Our goals shape our lives. Contentment and satisfaction are achieved when we accomplish the goals that we set for ourselves. But, sometimes, we unconsciously set ourselves up into failure. This happens when the goals we set aren’t really attainable. So does that mean that you shouldn’t aim high when setting up goals? No. Attainable goals does not necessarily mean unambitious. Attainable goals simply mean SMART goals. I don’t mean intelligent goals either. What I mean is…

S– Specific






Your goals should be well-defined instead of being too broad. It should be clear to you what really is it that you aim for. When you are playing darts, you aim for a specific target rather than just throwing in whatever direction. That’s what your goals should be as well.

For example, you want to be financially stable. What does that exactly mean? Does financially stable mean no credit card debt? Or being able to buy whatever you want?

Instead, we can simply say that we want to have a sufficient amount of savings. It doesn’t end there though. Be specific on the amount that you have.

M– measurable

It is very important that your goals can be evaluated. There should be a means for you to clearly determine whether it’s a success or not. Again, having a goal of a specific amount of savings is better than just saying you want to save because there is an exact way to determine if its a success or not.

A– achievable

Be realistic. Be ambitious but don’t overdo it. I can have a goal of having 1 million dollars in the bank. It’s not impossible but I also need to take into consideration my current financial status. I should take into consideration what I earn each month and my fixed expenses.

R– relevant

One of the reasons why some of my goals failed is because my heart wasn’t really into it. So, goals should be something you really deem important. It should be relevant to you. It should help you towards the version of yourself you’re aiming for.

T– time-bound

Be specific about when exactly want you attain a specific goal. If I say I want to earn 1 million dollars till I’m 60, that’s doable so my goal is actually attainable. But if I say I want to earn that amount this year, I’m not setting up a goal… I was simply daydreaming.

So… that’s it. That’s how I recommend setting up goals. Hopefully, you’ll have SMART goals by now. Share them with me through the comments below!

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