How to Prioritize Self-Care with Minimal Time and Money

When you hear the word “self-care”, the words “skin care” or “massage” and “spas” also pop up in your mind. And usually, a lot of people think that they do not have time nor money for “self-care”. That is actually a common misunderstanding and in this post we are going to correct misunderstanding and discuss how to prioritize self-care with minimal time and money.

What is self-care?

There are many ways to define self-care. In its purest essence, self-care simply means prioritizing yourself. It means putting your physical, mental and spiritual health first. Thus, self-care is any activity that will replenish your physical, mental and spiritual health.

How to prioritize self-care?

First of all, we need to correct the common misconception that you need to make “extra” time for self-care. Self-care isn’t an extracurricular activity that you can do at the end of the day. Instead, self-care should be incorporated in your daily routine.

Here are a few ways on how you can do to incorporate self-care into your daily lives.

  1. Establish a morning routine. With just establishing a morning routine, you can actually do a lot to care for yourself. Your morning should start a time wherein you have enough time for everything you want and need to do in the morning. Imagine a morning where you don’t need to rush. You can actually enjoy a shower instead of having just a quick one. You can actually savor your breakfast and eat something that will nourish your body and give you energy for the day. Contrary to popular belief, one cup of coffee isn’t legit breakfast. Believe me, having a morning that is not rushed changes things for the better. You’ll feel much more relaxed and motivated throughout the day.
  2. Organize your work space. By reducing all the clutter, your mind can actually focus on tasks alone. You also won’t have to waste time and energy looking for stuff. It would also really help clear up your mind and relax.
  3. Organize your tasks. Is this even self-care? Yes, it is. By knowing how to organize your tasks, you’re saving yourself future stress. There are plenty of ways to do this but a decision-matrix tool like the Eisenhower Matrix may be effective for you. Using the Eisenhower Matrix, you will be able to prioritize tasks because you have categorized them into what’s urgent and what’s important.
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  4. Know that it’s okay to take a break. Working hard is great but you also need to take a break in order to avoid burnout. One way to actually incorporate breaks into your working time is the Pomodoro Technique. Read more about the Pomodoro Technique here.
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  5. Avoid bringing home “work”. Your home is your sanctuary. It should be a place where you can recharge so you can work hard again the next day. You can spend your time with your hobbies or you can socialize with family and friends. You can also try some meditation and relaxation technique. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it will recharge you instead of drain you.

Well… that’s it! These are my tips on how you can incorporate self-care into your everyday life. What activities do you count as self-care? Share with me through the comments below!

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