How to Establish Your Own Morning Routine

There was a time where I dread mornings. There’s just too much to do with so little time. It always felt like I’m rushing and running out of time. My morning was messy which makes me a lot less confident throughout the day. It made me realize that mornings has a huge impact on how you approach the rest of your day. If you feel refreshed, you would have more focus and confidence to conquer whatever activities you have later on. If you feel like a mess, you might feel distracted and not be able to do tasks efficiently.

So, having a morning routine is very important to avoid rushing in the morning and neglecting things.

Here are just some of my tips on how you can establish your own morning routine.

Your Morning Routine Starts from the Night Before

This is something important that a lot of people overlook when they’re trying to establish their own morning routine – your morning routine actually starts the night before. You need to prepare for the morning before you actually go to bed. You can plan for next day’s outfit or make a list of tasks to be done for the next morning. Making lists, setting up alarms and planning the night before actually saves you a lot of time for the next day.

Know What You Want to Achieve With Your Mornings

Each and every one of us have different priorities and goals. That’s why copying other people’s morning routine may not be the best for you. You are the one who needs to set what you want to achieve with your mornings. To some, they want to do some meditation to start their day. Some would want to exercise. Some would just want to relax while some want to have time to check a bit of their email. So, make a list of how you envision your morning.

Mine is actually pretty simple. All I want is to be prepared for the rest of my day. I want to have a substantial breakfast, I want to be able to shower without rushing and I want to make sure that all the things I will need is already inside my bag.

Evaluate How Much Time You Spend in a Specific Activity

Know how much time you take in certain activities like preparing breakfast and showering and take that into consideration.

For example, I know that I take 10-15 minutes in the shower. Preparing and eating breakfast takes up the bulk of my time in the morning so I allocate more time for that. I don’t spend much with my uniform/outfit because I prepare that the night before.

So… my morning routine is basically me waking up, showering, dressing up, preparing breakfast and then eating breakfast. My morning routine is basic because I really wanted it to be simple.

If you want to get more things done in the morning, evaluate how much time you need and then adjust the time you are going to wake up. If you want to have 30 minutes of jogging in the morning, then wake up earlier.

Knowing how much time you need is very important so that you will never have to rush.

Once You’ve Made a Morning Routine, Stick to it

Once you’ve set your wake up time based on how much time you spend on certain activities, it’s time to actually apply it and establish it. The most important thing is the wake up time. So that means you have to say goodbye to the snooze button. Stay faithful to that alarm, convince yourself to wake up right away. You can also download alarm clock apps that do not allow the snooze button.

So… those are my tips on how you can establish your own morning routine. Hope this helps you to have a more joyful and less chaotic mornings!

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