Quick Thoughts on Enola Homes

To be honest, I’ve never really heard of Enola Holmes until I’ve watched the trailer. But, I am deeply fascinated with the regency era so I decided to watch it. Apparently, Sherlock and Mycroft has a little sister who is quite a wildling.

From the very start, Enola Holmes give off a positivity vibe. Seeing a girl on her bicycle in the countryside is such a relaxing sight. In addition to that, Millie Bobby Brown’s adorable acting and charm reels you in to want to watch more.

The mystery in this film is the disappearance of their mother and the attempted murder of a teenage viscount. The clues and mystery are interesting but is not the highlight of the film. This film is a coming of age story. At its heart, it’s about a girl finding her role in the world when the world isn’t really open to an ambitious kind of girl.

The feminism in this story is something I liked. In the end, Enola Holmes stayed true to herself and what she wants and ignores the attempts of men to “help” her.

Overall, this film is fun, interesting and very enjoyable to watch. I recommend it for individuals of all ages.

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