Let’s Talk Bookish: Reading Resolutions

Hello everyone! The year 2020 just ended and today marks the start of another year. I am so glad that 2020 is over and I’m just hoping that 2021 will be a better year. 2020 was just not my year including in the aspect of reading.

This week’s Let’s Talk Bookish topic is Reading Resolutions. I am so glad about this topic because it gives me a chance to ponder over what I want to achieve for this year reading-wise. I do hope that fulfill all of these resolutions.

1. Read 50 books.

I know that 50 books is not much but I have to set a goal with my schedule in consideration. 2021 will be a busier year for me and 50 is ideal number for me. Of course, I wish that I can read more but 50 would be enough for me.

2. Finish the Popsugar Reading Challenge.

Last year, I really tried my best to satisfy every prompt. However, I fell short. I got 33/40 regular prompts and only 1 advanced prompts. Even though I wasn’t able to satisfy every prompt, I’m happy that I tried. The Popsugar Reading Challenge really got me out of my comfort zone. I’ve read books that I simply wouldn’t have picked up otherwise and I do think that made me a better reader. So for 2021, I am determined to finish the challenge this time.

3. Keep a reading log.

All these past years, I just track my reading through Goodreads but this year I’ve downloaded a reading log spreadsheet. It’s a lot more detailed of tracking than I’m used to but I just want to try. As I’ve mentioned, I got out of my comfort zone this past year and I want to diversify my reading a bit more. In order to that, I need to track better, hence, a reading log.

Well… that’s it! Here are my reading resolutions for 2021. I hope I will be able to do them and I hope 2021 is a lot happier.

About Let’s Talk Bookish

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly series hosted by Eternity Books and Literary Lion. If you want to join, you can check out the January 2021 topics here.

Chat With Me

How about you? Any reading resolutions? What’s the number of books read you want to achieve for 2021? Any challenges you want to overcome? What are your thoughts about reading logs? Chat with me through the comments below!

– Simply Allana

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