My Thoughts on Reply 1988

Korean Drama has been steadily rising into pop culture lately. There were plenty of Korean Dramas that caught the eye of the public recently. I am one of those who check out Korean Dramas and I really like most of them a lot.

Reply 1988 was released on 2015 and it was a hit. I, however, kind of ignored it and didn’t watch. I read the premise and I’m not really fond of “slice of life” shows. I regret that decision now because I should have watched this show sooner.

Reply 1988 gives you everything. It has drama, it has romance and it has comedy. It tells the story of family, friendship and love. The show just gives you day-to-day life and soon it felt like I was part of their little world too.

One thing I really liked about the series is the subtlety of both the comedy and the drama. A lot of comedy nowadays are so in-your-face while this show is just full of banters and natural funny events. I think the drama is unique too because their problems are normal people problems. I also think that’s why it’s easy to feel like you are in the same world as the characters because their problems are similar to yours.

I also really liked how the series showed us different stages of a life of a person. We get to see glimpses of childhood when the characters were young, we get to see high school and teenage life, young adulthood, middle life crises and even retirement. We get to see first love and love that has been tempered with time too.

But what made me really love the show is the characters. All the characters felt like family. The actors are just very good in portraying whatever emotion they were supposed too. I found myself laughing and crying with them in all the 20 episodes.

Overall, Reply 1988 is one of the best Korean Dramas I have ever watched. It’s unique from the rest and it deserves more. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves Korean Drama or to people who might want to venture into Kdrama soon.

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