Let’s Talk Bookish: What Makes A Good Ending?

Hello everyone! How has your January been? I hoped you’ve had a great month!

Today’s Let’s Talk Bookish topic is What Makes A Good Ending? I really love this topic because the ending make or break a book for me. I do give the ending the utmost importance. There are books that I’ve hated from start to the middle but I still gave 5 stars because of how good the ending was.

For me, an ending is good if it makes sense. I mean that the conclusion is the best way the story could have been ended. I really don’t need the ending to be happy or surprising – I just need something that makes sense.

To illustrate further, let’s look at Circe by Madeline Miller as an example. The ending of Circe wasn’t the ending that I wanted nor expected and yet it was an ending I really appreciated. It’s because Circe’s entire journey has actually led up to that moment. It may have been a bit surprising but it wasn’t completely out of the blue.

For me, the author need not try too hard. Just sticking with the flow of how the story goes will do. I actually sometimes hate ending that end with miracles or surprises just to shock the readers. An example of this is the ending of The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez. The entire book was the main character coming to terms with her condition only for that condition and then a miracle happens. For me, it’s an attempt to satisfy readers with a happy ending. The ending of Game of Thrones is another example of ending that does not make sense. The character who ruled Westeros in the end was the most unexpected character and that just did not make any sense. That was done for shock factor alone and they just ruined years of beautiful storytelling for the sake of a shocking ending.

So… that’s it! How about you? What do you consider as a good or bad ending? Share with me through the comments below!

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