Let’s Talk Bookish: What Makes Something Canon?

Hello everyone! How has 2021 treated you so far? 2021 is starting out pretty chill for me. I have very little workload so more time to read and watch Youtube videos for me. Anyways, this week’s topic is “What makes something canon?” This is a very interesting topic for me because I’ve also been confused about this for a long time. So here goes my thoughts…

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Let’s Talk Bookish: Reading Resolutions

Hello everyone! The year 2020 just ended and today marks the start of another year. I am so glad that 2020 is over and I’m just hoping that 2021 will be a better year. 2020 was just not my year including in the aspect of reading.

This week’s Let’s Talk Bookish topic is Reading Resolutions. I am so glad about this topic because it gives me a chance to ponder over what I want to achieve for this year reading-wise. I do hope that fulfill all of these resolutions.

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Let’s Talk Bookish: How to Encourage Others to Read?

Hello everyone!

Let’s Talk Bookish a weekly book discussion meme hosted by Rukki @Eternity Books and Dani @Literary Lion. Check out this link for September 2020 Topics.

Today’s topic is “How to Encourage Others to Read?”

I am someone who loves to talk about everything – books I’ve read, movies I’ve watched, memes I liked… so it sometimes frustrates me that there’s a book I want to talk about but there’s no one to talk to. My friends and family aren’t really readers. So, once in a while, I try out my powers of persuasion to convert someone into a reader. Here are my tips if you want to try too.

Start them with something simple

A lot of people I’ve asked why they don’t enjoy reading, they answer that it’s that they were “forced” to and a lot of books they’ve read are too complicated to enjoy. It turns out that the only books they have been reading are the assigned books in school. Most of the time, they were not able to enjoy the book because they were busy minding the small details and analyzing themes to fully immerse themselves into the book. There’s also the pressure of “doing it for the grades”. So, short and simple might be enough to make them realize that there is joy in reading.

The book that I suggested to my non-reader sister was The Little Prince. The book was short but very meaningful. She liked it very much so that was that.

Tell them why you love books

Of course, they have to hear the advantages of reading from your perspective. Maybe seeing you passionate about reading will entice them. Tell them how reading is different from watching movies or tv shows.

Don’t look down on their hobbies

This is probably important to be reminded of. To each their own. If you are encouraging your friends to read, don’t look down on what they usually enjoy. For example, don’t ever say “You should read books instead of playing video games”. You shouldn’t do this because both can be stimulating for different people. Your friend will just feel off if you make them feel bad for not reading.

So… these are my suggestions on how to encourage others to read. How about you? What are your methods in recruiting a new reader? Chat with me through the comments below!